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NETdentity released it new Website thumbnails website, offering website thumbnails ranging from 80x60 to 800x600 pixels. Free 1 year registration. Offer ends of September 2009.
Visit: images.netdentity.net
23 March 2009

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About us

NETdentity provides IT related services to clients, delivering software solutions that meet exact expectations.

The key to our success is to comprehend, communicate and merge expectations, technologies and manpower, in an innovative and passionate way. High value is placed on sustaining excellent working relationships.

We are committed to developing quick, effective, dynamic and high quality solutions, paying particular attention to detail. Recognizing the diversity in the industry, we strive to apply our individual talents and expertise in order to achieving mutual goals and satisfaction.

Our professionalism, passion and commitment ensure the best service possible.

The company is built on integrity, honesty and good business ethics.

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